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DAO Leadership provides expert consulting, advice on DAO design, group training sessions, and workshops on decentralized organizations. We are organizational consultants that help you design your organization, think through your incentive models, and create DAOs, startups and Web3 organizations that operate smoothly. Our approach is straightforward and honest. If you don’t need a DAO or a token, we will tell you. Our no-BS approach is to provide solutions for your specific problems, not promote the coolest technology.

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DAO Consulting

Based on our experience with more than 100 crypto projects, participation in DAOs and extensive research, we help organizations with their DAO structures and incentive models.

Workshops and Books

We run periodic workshops such as “The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be”, and we’re working on our next book: How to DAO. You can also buy our book “So You’ve Got a DAO” on Amazon. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed of updates.

Interviews and Speaking

We aren’t promoting any particular technology, so if you want an objective viewpoint on the state of DAO technology, tokenomics or blockchain, you can count on us. Invite us to speak on your podcast, event, or participate in an expert panel. For most events and podcasts, we are happy to waive our speaking fee.


Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany
Over 25 years of hands-on management of teams and cross-team cooperation in organizations large and small. Her international experience includes working with organizations in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as with multi-national teams spanning the globe. Operations consultant, startup mentor, writer and trainer, Grace has been deeply involved in the blockchain and decentralized governance field for several years.
Alex Dower

Award-winning theatre and film director and acting teacher based in London, UK.

General Manager of Creating Freedom UK, Alex is an entrepreneur who has led projects worldwide with prisoners, disabled people, refugees, and villagers in remote locations. Alex has more than 20 years of management and leadership experience.


Daniel Weinzveg
Daniel helps organizations design and implement human-centric processes to support teams in realizing their potential. Daniel has extensive experience in start-up organizations, program design, group facilitation, training, community engagement and public relations.

We’re also working on a book on How to DAO, hopefully to be released in the first half of 2022. If you are interested in reviewing early drafts and providing feedback, SIGN UP HERE:


    Heirarchical organizations came with a specific mindset, but in today’s world we need to lead, not manage. Managers need to be transparent, authentic, and responsible… but what does that mean? Close the gap in your own mindset.

    Management skills

    Perhaps you’ve done some management training or managed a smaller company. Or, perhaps you just raised10K ETH and you have never managed anything larger than a 5 person dev team. Get the skills you need or bolster your existing management skills.


    Communication is the foundation of everything in your organization. In a world where most of us have presentation skills training but none of us have listening skills training, clashes are inevitable. But in a DAO, you can’t make anyone do anything. Learn to implement advanced communications skills in your organization.