The Experiment: Co-Governed Event

Let's create together

We’ve been discussing co-governance for a long time, and we want to try out some of the ideas we’ve discussed. The Experiment is a Commons that we will co-govern. The emphasis is on developing our interpersonal skills along with our organizational and execution skills, so we remain a cohesive group as we produce results.


Unlike crypto projects, we consider forking a design flaw. On our planet, in our nations, in our neighborhoods, and even in our online communities, forking means some people are losers and some are winners. Forking is expensive. Forking can be destructive. We need to create inclusive societies so we are striving for creating a commons where everyone can find a place. We probably can’t meet the ideal, but that is our goal: creation of a governance process and community culture where people feel welcome, heard, considered, and influential in the matters they care about.

Join the Experiment

All participants should attend a 90 minute Onboarding meeting. Times are in Central European time.

Upcoming meetings:

 Friday, July 31, 9 am CEST

 Wednesday, August 5, 7 pm CEST

 Monday, August 10, 1:30 pm CEST


We use Dandelion for self-organizing the event, including discussions and scheduling. Join here. (You’ll be accepted only after the onboarding.)

 We use ClickUp as our Kanban board. Once you finish the onboarding process, we will invite you to ClickUp if you would like to participate in actions.