The future ain’t what it used to be:

Money, currency and control.

Next course starts on October 22, 2020

Why does it seem that after so much economic growth, our system is so fragile? What are the foundations that money stands on that made it so fragile, and could they be changed? If money is just something we invented, could we invent something different? What would new economic models look like—what should you prepare for—what could you create? 

In this 6 week workshop we challenge the conventional wisdom about money and currency. We look into what money really is, the rules of the game, and how the system has become so unsustainable. We investigate cryptocurrency, commons practices, and alternative economic models for a sustainable future.

Although you’ll learn quite a bit, this is not a lecture where we give you answers. Instead, you’ll get a new set of questions to ask and a new set of perspectives from which to ask them. We’ll work as a group to speculate, brainstorm, work in groups, and create new ideas of how to make a transition from what we have to models of economy that better reflect the future we want for ourselves, our children, our communities and our planet.

Each session will be 120 minutes and the workshops will be limited to 25 participants. .

  • Session 1 (October 22, 2020): What is value, what is money, what is wealth? What don’t they tell you about money?
  • Session 2 (October  29, 2020): Forms of money, extractive wealth, currency, accounting methods. How can we create accounting methods that consider “externalities”?
  • Session 3 (November 05, 2020): Ownership and commons. What are the fundamental structures behind the failure to protect natural resources?
  • Session 4 (November 12, 2020): Governance and control. Great ideas, but who is going to implement them? Decentralization, complexity and collective intelligence.
  • Session 5 (November 19, 2020;): Bringing these concepts together. How do we form compatible forms of collective intelligence, economy and governance?
  • Session 6 (November 26, 2020): Where do we go from here? Going back to normal, alternatives to normal, the bridge to a new future.

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Costs and registration

We are discussing new monetary systems, so the course is also an experiment in the gifting economy. You may pay what you like at the end, or whenever you want, or not at all (similar courses range $200-$1200).

Register by filling out the form. We will send you mail and ask you to have a 15-minute interview to make sure the workshop is a good fit for you.

Our intention is to accept all registrants, but we are committed to creating a psychologically safe space and sparking a creative intellectual journey, so we want to ensure that every registrant is committed to that as well.

Grace Rachmany

Your facilitator

30 years in technology and entrepreneurship, 3 years in cryptocurrency and distributed technologies, co-author “So you’ve got a DAO”. Grace has worked with more than 100 cryptocurrency projects and speaks regularly on a variety of topics.

Alex Dower

Your facilitator

Actor, director, leader and facilitator. Alex has worked worldwide with populations ranging from people with disabilities, prisoners, refugees and villagers in the developing world. Alex uses a variety of techniques to allow people and communities to deal with crises and limitations through understanding their own mental models and upgrading their communications, self-discipline and resilience.

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