Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are now being used widely across the DeFi space for management of blockchains and funding pools. The trend is encouraging in terms of the volume of funds, the number of DAOs and the evolution of the existing DAOs. At the same time, these organizations fall short in a few ways: voter fatigue, accountability for funds after allocation, and the inability of the tech to do much other than allocate funds and upgrade the blockchain code.

Many of our services are on a free or “pay what feels right” basis. If you participated in DAO Hours or a Free Consultation, but you feel it is appropriate for you to reciprocate, please leave an appropriate tip.

Free Weekly Consultation Call

We host a weekly AMA where you can ask about your DAO and tokenomics for free in small group (2-4 participants). Join free Thursday morning or evening (UTC).

Individual Consultation Call

For an individual consulting hour, click here. We don’t charge in advance for the consultation, but our regular rate is $250 / hour and we expect that you will pay if you have the means and feel the consultation was worth the price.

DAO Downloadable Template

If you want to do some work on your own, we’ve created the “DAO Initial Conditions Template” for you to fill with your team, considering the different areas of governance for your DAO.

    Custom Workshops and Training

    DAO Leadership provides hands-on workshops that have your team actually implementing new techniques for problem-solving, planning and collaboration. Unlike other management consultants, we take a hands-on approach to applying the techniques we teach.

    Transformation of your organization doesn’t just come from the top: it comes when your team creates a common language and a common process for approaching new opportunities and challenges.

    The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be Workshop

    Money, Currency and Control

    The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be is a 6-week session where we will challenge the conventional wisdom about money and currency. We will look into what money really is, the rules of the game, and how the system has become so unsustainable. We investigate cryptocurrency, common practices, and alternative economic models for a sustainable future.

    The workshop is in reverse-classroom format, such that you will watch videos or read articles between sessions, and the two hours we spend together will be in discussion with other professionals about the relevance of the materials to your life and your community.

    Although you’ll learn quite a bit, this is not a lecture where we give you answers. Instead, you’ll get a new set of questions to ask and a new set of perspectives from which to ask them.

    We’re also working on a book on How to DAO, hopefully to be released in the first half of 2022. If you are interested in reviewing early drafts and providing feedback, SIGN UP HERE:

      Tokenomics Consulting

      Token Mechanics is the foundation of your ICO. If you answer yes to any of the below, we need to talk.

      • Have you had dozens of conversations about your token value and still you aren’t sure it all works together?
      • Are there people on your team who still don’t understand your token mechanics/value?
      • Are you trying to stabilize your token against fiat currency, in particular only the currency you think is important (dollar, euro, pound)? Or trying to stabilize against ETH or BTC?
      • Is your token useless to anyone outside of purchasing something from your company (and partner companies)?
      • Are you trying to figure out how to get people to hold tokens for a longer period than they naturally would in the ecosystem?
      • Is developing the token making your business model more difficult to other people?
      • Do you have a two-token economy with a complex interaction between two tokens?
      • When people ask you why the token will be worth something, is your only answer “Because as more people use the token, the value rises”? and/or “Because there’s limited supply.”?
      • Does your economy include you buying back a token before it gets redistributed to others?


      Why does it seem that after so muche conomic growth, our system is so fragile? What are the foundations that money stands on that made it so fragile, and could they be changed?

      The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be, a reverse-classroom workshop where you’ll meet others and discuss how your communities can implement new systems.