Grace Rachmany on stage at ETHPrague 2024

ETHPrague 2024: Reputation for your projects

Reputation is a core primitive for participation in DAOs and assigning different types of privileges and responsibilities to participants in Web3. But reputation is complex and difficult to parse. What are the approaches available today? Is offchain or onchain reputation better? What is a verifiable credential and how is it different from a Non-Transferable Token (NTT)? In this workshop we go through some of the tools, products, and approaches, and how different approaches work for different projects. Together, we’ll explore your projects and how you can approach reputation either using existing tools or with your own reputation engines.

Grace Rachmany - Why crypto can't solve social problems (ETHPrague 2024)

                                                                                              ETHPrague 2024: Death Economics: Why Crypto Can’t Solve Social Problems

If you think you’re designing a crypto that will solve social and ecological problems, think again. Your crypto won’t solve the problem you wish it would. This is because the destruction of the planet and erosion of culture are only “side effects” of the economy because we put the word “side” before the word “effect”. We are brainwashed to believe that the “invisible hand” in a death economy will provide a fair market value for things, despite all evidence to the contrary. Don’t believe the death cult. Cure the mind virus in this quick talk that will help you redesign currency in a way that is aligned with creating real value in the world.

Grace Rachmany on the INATBA panel
DAOs & Governance in the Age of AI

INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) host Grace Rachmany on their AI & blockchain convergence panel, where they explore and address strategic insights and actionable recommendations that enhance the integration, security and ethical deployment of these technologies.

DAO Expert Grace Rachmany hosted on Koii Network
Decentralization Vs. Disorganization: Koii Fireside Chat

Decentralization vs. Disorganisation: Koii Fireside Chat ft. Grace Rachmany. We explore the critical topic of decentralization and its potential pitfalls. In this engaging discussion, Grace shares her insights on the challenges of decentralization without proper organization and highlights the importance of responsible decentralization. We delve into the risks of disorganization and siloed approaches, drawing from Grace’s extensive experience working with DAOs and decentralized projects. This fireside chat is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of decentralization and its impact on various industries.

Designing the Blueprint for SingularityNET Decentralization

Catch up on the third session of our Supervisory Council’s “Designing the Blueprint for SingularityNET Decentralization” workshop series, facilitated by Grace Rachmany.

The DAO Gap: Missing organizational functions in DAOs during the Decentralized Governance Summit by SingularityNET.

This is a talk by Grace Rachmany during the Decentralized Governance Summit 2023 by SingularityNET. SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. We aim to create the world’s global brain with a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol.

If You’re Going to DAO It, DAO It Right by Grace Rachmany

In this workshop at ETHPrague, Grace Rachmany walks through where DAOs have gone wrong, and steps that DAO founders can take to properly construct decision-making tooling. Voting has not worked–so what will?

Podcast, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants with Dave McKay hosting Grace Rachmany

Grace and David talk through blockchain, DAOs, Initial Coin Offerings, privacy, the Panama Papers, democracy, voting, shared economies, payments and biodiversity among other topics.

Best Practices: Tokenomics 101- Building Blocks 23

Tokenomics is arguably one of the most challenging and complex tasks for any protocol or crypto startup. In this panel discussion, you’ll learn from industry leaders with extensive experience working with various startups on designing their tokenomics. Expect to walk away from the session with knowledge on the various approaches to tokenomics and how to design a balanced tokenomy.

Meshworks of Being: Building Community on the DAO with Grace Rachmany of Priceless DAO, Accidental Gods Podcast

Manda Scott of Accidental Gods Podcast. We know that the future is based on Community. What we lack are practical routes to creating communities of community on a worldwide scale – ones that can form and will be resilient enough to survive. In this week’s podcast, therefore, I’m genuinely thrilled to introduce you to one of the women who is breaking new ground in the creation of communities at scale and across wide geographic areas. In quite specific order, Grace Rachmany is a mother, a tech industry troubleshooter, author of over a hundred White Papers, creator of Voice of Humanity, Gangly Sister and – crucial to the trajectory we’re taking just now – co-creator of Priceless DAO.

Democracy4all – Blockchain Powered Democracy: From DAO to Self Sovereignty

Moderator: Adam Christopher, Founder & Host at “Crypto With English”
– Alessandro Pericò, CEO & Founder Āut Protocol
– Grace Rachmany, Founder at Voice of Humanity
– Sebastian Rodriguez, Product Manager at Polygon ID

Democracy4all – Achieving Social cohesion and Cultural diversity through decentralization

Moderator: Dieter Brockmayer, Chief Project Officer at Diplomatic WorldRLD
– David Chaum, CEO of & inventor of digital cash (eCash)
– Alex Hevia, CEO Cometoland Productions
– Grace Rachmany, Founder at Voice of Humanity
– Brigitte Van Haaren, Deloitte Risk Advisory Netherlands, Blockchain Team​

Survival of the Movement: The Mycelium that Binds Us

Web3 and regenerative movements are under threat. From regulation of cryptocurrency, to censorship, to government destruction of nature… what is the answer?

How do we ACTUALLY unite under our own network that provides a real alternatives to the default economy? How do we preserve what is priceless?

Grace Rachmany explores the concepts that have come up in workshops and research around an alternative to marketplace economies, alternatives to the existing social networks, and how we as an industry might have a parallel economy that is not dominated by a monetary marketplace.

Zebu Live Day 1 London – Web3, NFT, DeFi, Crypto Conference

Grace Rachmany at Zebu 2022 London. Grace along with Dr. Nick Almond, Nikita Cikaluk, Rajiv Sainani and Kam Dylan talked about how can DAOs change the way we work.





Talking Governance Leadership, and PricelessDAO with Grace Rachmany

Since 2018 Grace Rachmany has been participating in DAOs, speaking and writing about DAOs, and working with tokenomics models. Having consulted with more than 200 projects in the blockchain space gives DAO Leadership unparalleled experience in the area of blockchain, token economics, decentralization and governance. Join Phil Ward and Cory Feco as they tackle another great episode and learn tremendously with their time with Grace Rachmany.

DAO News Report: August 10, 2022 – featuring Grace Rachmany of DAO Leadership

Grace Rachmnay talks all things Priceless and DAO.





The Real Decentralization and Regeneration, MetaGame Podcast w/ Grace Rachmany

Just days before starting her 6 week workshop, DAO consultant and co-founder of PricelessDAO Grace Rachmany, talked to Peth.eth about her journey on team management and her perspectives on the ReFi space, decentralized organizations, independence, autonomy & much more..

As someone who has specialized in team management, leadership & governance, she raises a question: How to bring out the best in people and communities?

The structure of a DAO, adequate voting systems and the ability to track your reputation as well as hardware production are some of the proposals she highlights in order to create a self-sufficient system that does not operate by the same rules as the default.

“If it’s just a general movement then you’re missing something. If DAOs can offer us some structure where we could recognize one another, be united under some sort of federated protocol that allows us to communicate, then the question would be “what do you want to communicate?”

Reputation Economies with Grace Rachmany, DAO Expert
Sid Sthalekar and Grace Rachmany meet on Neighbourhoods’ Discord server to discuss Reputation Economies and how Neighbourhoods can boost groups’ abilities to coordinate on the distributed web.

Money is sooo last century!

Money is a blunt instrument that serves many functions. It’s very old technology that stands to be replaced. How can we look towards the future to create different mechanisms. We discuss mechanisms that might replace money. This talk is part of the Regenerative Renaissance course sponsored by Seeds,

Money talks #6: Money, DAO & new models for the future

During this edition of money talks, we explored the relationship between money, DAO (decentralised autonomous organsiations) and new models for the future.

Social Layer for Engagement and Collaboration on NFT Platforms

Social Layer for Engagement and Collaboration on NFT Platforms

In the fourth episode of Tokenverse, we are discussing the benefits of adding a social layer to NFT platforms to promote engagement and collaboration within the creator’s ecosystem.

Honored to be featured on the Future Now Podcast

Interview with Grace Rachmany by Future Now Radio

In our conversation with Grace we talk about how she started her journey and why, versions of ‘blockchain’ technology and bitcoin crypto’s and how they differentiate from traditional fiat money…

What is DAO Leadership? An interview with Grace Rachmany
DAO Leadership itself provides a variety of tools, workshops, mentoring packages, and books that are designed to leverage the values of decentralization and create effective decision-making and execution team. Whether you are in the crypto industry or just a startup looking to boost your effectiveness and give more autonomy to internal teams, DAO Leadership can provide the training.

#754 So, You’ve Got A DAO, Management For The 21st Century

Marco Houwen and Grace Rachmany are trainers of leadership in the crypto space. They are passionate about merit-based staking and how to instill a culture of leadership and responsibility throughout the organization. The subject of DAO-Leadership is something that fascinates me and the guide covers the essential challenge an ICO faces after raising the money, the execution, and the delivery. The promise of blockchain and distributed ledger technology is a world where people take back control over their own money, identity, and data.

DAO Landscape: Case Studies in Decentralised Governance | AIBC
Decentralised autonomous organisations are leading the charge for blockchain innovation. The question is: how do we adapt the traditional system’s for today’s evolving landscape?

The Governance Games (Park Bench Panel): from 27:24 to 1:04

Panel discussion on DAO Governance from 27:24 to 1:04. What are the issues facing DAOS and why we should not be naive.

Key Ingredients for DAO Leaders (workshop format)

10-minute mini-workshop on 2 key ingredients every DAO Leader needs. At Web3 Berlin Blockchain Week. Grace presents and coaches participants.

The State of DAO Governance: on-chain governance today.

Grace is a Serial Entrepreneur, Organizational Consultant, Startup Mentor, Business Writer and Digital Nomad. Grace discusses governance and how it impacts modern companies.

Tokenomics by Grace Rachmany DAO Leadership
Utility tokens, security tokens and asset-backed tokens. What are the popular token models for ICOs and STOs, and what are the implications of each? Does a two-token economy make sense?
PR & Marketing for ICOs
Speakers: Nicholas Merten (Founder, DataDash YouTube (236k+ subscribers))
E02 – The Maturing Crypto Market with Grace Rachmany

Hacker Noon Podcast Episode 2: A conversation with author and entrepreneur Grace Rachmany.

On the second episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast, hosted by Trent Lapinski, Trent talked to Grace.

DGOV Council Berlin – Interview #1/3 with Grace Rachmany (Day 1)
This interview was done by Euvie and Mike at the DGOV Council in Berlin. They have their own podcast and we can only encourage you to listen to it. It’s a podcast about evolving technology, society and consciousness.
Responsibility and Initiative
How can you get the people in your organization to take more responsibility. Why don’t people take initiative?
Is gossip damaging your team performance?
We all know it’s bad to gossip, but how do you identify and stop it quickly? This quick video shows you how to stop gossip and the damage it’s causing in your company, teams, and life.

So, You’ve Got A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
Episode 16: An interview with Grace Rachmany and Marco Houwen authors of So, You’ve Got A DAO…
Reputation Economies with Grace Rachmany, DAO Expert
Sid Sthalekar and Grace Rachmany meet on Neighbourhoods’ Discord server to discuss Reputation Economies and how Neighbourhoods can boost groups’ abilities to coordinate on the distributed web.