Money is sooo last century!

Money is a blunt instrument that serves many functions. It’s very old technology that stands to be replaced. How can we look towards the future to create different mechanisms. We discuss mechanisms that might replace money. This talk is part of the Regenerative Renaissance course sponsored by Seeds,

Money talks #6: Money, DAO & new models for the future

During this edition of money talks, we explored the relationship between money, DAO (decentralised autonomous organsiations) and new models for the future.

Honored to be featured on the Future Now Podcast

In our conversation with Grace we talk about how she started her journey and why, versions of ‘blockchain’ technology and bitcoin crypto’s and how they differentiate from traditional fiat money…


What is DAO Leadership? An interview with Grace Rachmany

DAO Leadership itself provides a variety of tools, workshops, mentoring packages, and books that are designed to leverage the values of decentralization and create effective decision-making and execution team. Whether you are in the crypto industry or just a startup looking to boost your effectiveness and give more autonomy to internal teams, DAO Leadership can provide the training.

#754 So, You’ve Got A DAO, Management For The 21st Century

DAO Landscape: Case Studies in Decentralised Governance | AIBC

Decentralised autonomous organisations are leading the charge for blockchain innovation. The question is: how do we adapt the traditional system’s for today’s evolving landscape?

Malta AIBC 2019 DAO Panel | Alessandro ML Toschi – Marco Vasapollo – Biyan Mienert – Grace Rachmany

In this Panel Marco Vasapollo and Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi, co-inventors of Decentralized Flexible Organizations argued with Biyan Mienert and Grace Rachmany, about the upcoming wave of DAOs and its impact in law, entrepreneurship, culture and finance.

The Governance Games (Park Bench Panel): from 27:24 to 1:04

Panel discussion on DAO Governance from 27:24 to 1:04. What are the issues facing DAOS and why we should not be naive.

Key Ingredients for DAO Leaders (workshop format)

10-minute mini-workshop on 2 key ingredients every DAO Leader needs. At Web3 Berlin Blockchain Week. Grace presents and coaches participants.

The State of DAO Governance: on-chain governance today.

Grace is a Serial Entrepreneur, Organizational Consultant, Startup Mentor, Business Writer and Digital Nomad. Grace discusses governance and how it impacts modern companies.

Tokenomics by Grace Rachmany DAO Leadership

Utility tokens, security tokens and asset-backed tokens. What are the popular token models for ICOs and STOs, and what are the implications of each? Does a two-token economy make sense?

Blockchain Weekly – – Stable Coins and Why the Blockchain needs them, this week on Blockchain Weekly.

PR & Marketing for ICOs

Speakers: Nicholas Merten (Founder, DataDash YouTube (236k+ subscribers))

E02 – The Maturing Crypto Market with Grace Rachmany

Hacker Noon Podcast Episode 2: A conversation with author and entrepreneur Grace Rachmany.

On the second episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast, hosted by Trent Lapinski, Trent talked to Grace.

DGOV Council Berlin – Interview #1/3 with Grace Rachmany (Day 1)

This interview was done by Euvie and Mike at the DGOV Council in Berlin. They have their own podcast and we can only encourage you to listen to it. It’s a podcast about evolving technology, society and consciousness.

Responsibility and Initiative

How can you get the people in your organization to take more responsibility. Why don’t people take initiative?

Is gossip damaging your team performance?

We all know it’s bad to gossip, but how do you identify and stop it quickly? This quick video shows you how to stop gossip and the damage it’s causing in your company, teams, and life.

So, You’ve Got A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Episode 16: An interview with Grace Rachmany and Marco Houwen authors of So, You’ve Got A DAO…

Reputation Economies with Grace Rachmany, DAO Expert

Sid Sthalekar and Grace Rachmany meet on Neighbourhoods’ Discord server to discuss Reputation Economies and how Neighbourhoods can boost groups’ abilities to coordinate on the distributed web.